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Chip carving is one of the most traditional and old styles of wood/stone carving. The idea is to remove small chips from a flat surface by using a single knife. Wood Carving Detail Knife for fine chip and General Purpose Carving.

For these items, please call the store where you purchased them or our customer service department at so we can assist you. I want to try chip carving and I have had good experience with Flexcut blades. The set was priced right and this is my first order with this company and I want to see how it goes with this shop. Feels very comfortable and work great for chip carving right out of the box.

Choosing the best chip carving knife for your woodworking projects is crucial. The knife is a perfect detail work tool that complements the regular sized chip carving knife well. For cuts that require extra precision, you can count on the mini chip carving knife to help make your art beautiful. The mini chip carving knife is perfect for extremely precise and intricate chip cuts. The sharp high carbon steel blade is great at make intricate cuts into wood.

bench knife

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detail knife

Therefore, it is necessary for the blades of chip knives to made of thinner steel and sharpened to a steeper angle. In this article, we introduce a minimalist technique of miniature chip wood carving named Zen carving.

Overall, the lexcut chip carving knife is a quality tool fit for a true craftsman. The sharp blade, ergonomic handle and ambidextrous design make it a joy to work with.

One of The Best Detail, Whittling Knives – Carbon Steel by Stamesky. Overall the Flexcut chip carving knife set is the best chip carving knife set because of its simple yet effective and high quality knives. Several companies offer their own sets of chip carving knives, as seen on this page.

CS 1/4” Drill Bit Set Cutting Tools for Woodworking Knife Wood Carving Tool

  • If you’re in need of a chip carving knife set, look no further than Flexcut’s chip carving knife set.
  • I chose Flexcut’s chip carving knife set as the best chip carving knife set because of their great design, sharp blades, ergonomic design and simplicity to use.
  • If you’re an advanced carver, try to make so-called 3D chip carving where you carve a big chip out first and that carve a smaller element/elements inside.
  • Chip carving is one of the most traditional and old styles of wood/stone carving.
  • The idea is to remove small chips from a flat surface by using a single knife.
  • The handle on the mini chip carving know is made from ash and sanded to a smooth finish for comfort.

Don’t use a hardwood like oak if you don’t feel professional enough. The new Mini Knife from Flexcut is an excellent addition to any carver’s tool set. They have ultra thin blades for the lowest resistance when fine cutting is required.

Materials Needed For This Art

Since the chips I carve are very small I hold the knife the same way as a pencil, that allows doing make a very precise cut. Traditionally by carving out a triangle, they make a Y-form vertical pin and then carve 3 chips out – one after another. As a bonus to our readers, we’ve also reviewed the best chip carving knife book that’s filled with great fun projects by a master instructor. The Flexcut chip carving knife’s ash handle also relieves hand stress from chip carving thanks to its comfortable, ergonomic design. We’ve chosen the Flexcut chip carving knife as the best chip carving knife for several reasons.

Chip Carving Set from Flexcut® includes everything you need to create intricate geometric or freestyle patterns! They’re also ideal for carving names on boxes, address blocks, wall plaques, and other objects, turning your project into a personalized keepsake. Carved ash handles allow for extended use without hand fatigue. OCC Chip carving knives are handcrafted from 01 tool steel in the USA.

Mini Chip Carving Knife 5 1/4″ overall. 5/8″ ultra-thin high carbon steel blade makes unwanted chipping in delicate cuts less likely. Smaller design wood handle is faceted with multiple control points to allow it to be held in a variety of comfortable positions. This makes the carving tidier since you won’t get any pit from the Y-form cut.

He also teaches at the “Alpine School of Chip Carving” in Switzerland, and gives summer tours of the area where he knows mini chip carving the hidden, special sites. That’s more difficult to carve that kind of chips but it brings dynamics to your pattern.

What makes the Flexcut KN20 chip carving knife so great is the engineered quality and simplicity in its design. Chip carving is sometimes seen in symmetrical patterns and designs of triangular shaped cuts, artistic and satisfying. It’s a good choice for beginning carvers, and will offer challenge to the creativity and imagination of expert carvers.

The shape of Chip Carving Knives are different from all other wood carving knives. Their blades protrude from the handle in a downward angle allowing more control. Chip carving knives are actually ‘plunged into the wood’ and drawn forward.

A high quality chip carving book will have detailed instructions and multiple projects to practice. The ash handles have a great finish and are ergonomically shaped to reduce hand stress. They are truly a joy to own and my personal recommendation for chip carving enthusiasts. The third tool in Flexcut’s chip carving knife set is the skew knife. The handle on the mini chip carving know is made from ash and sanded to a smooth finish for comfort.

His knowledge and instruction abilities are second to none when it comes to chip carving. You’ll feel right at Wayne’s hip as he shows you how to sharpen your tools, teaches your proper technique and shows you his favorite designs. Wayne Barton is credited with a large resurgence of the chip carving craft. My recommendation for the best chip carving book would have to be The Complete Guide to Chip Carving by Wayne Barton. Having access to a detailed and thorough chip carving book helps you learn more about proper form and new designs.

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